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Going for a social event, clubbing, an office party or a wedding? Then semi-formal clothing is the way to go!

But what’s common among all these occasions is the need to feel relaxed, look sharp and be comfortable with what you wear. While there are some good looking shirt brands for such occasions, but they feel worse once they touch your skin. This is largely due to synthetic materials.

Buy semi-formal shirts online from CottonKing and get the feathery comfort of 100% pure semi-formal cotton shirts.

For many young and middle aged men, office events are some of the most important occasions to be in and make the right impression. But to be influential in the professional forum, you need to look bold, strong and acceptable.

This practical philosophy has driven us to create an entire range of semi-formal cotton shirts for office use.

Buy our semi formal cotton shirts online and receive comfortable smart dressing delivered right to your doorstep completely free of charge!

Because we are CottonKing – The one stop destination for all Clothing that’s Pure Cotton.

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Showing 1 - 35 of 35 items