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Ever tried to wear your regular shirt, tuck it in and find it exactly the way you left it when you stepped out? as soon as you move around a bit, the entire free-size shirt just puffs out of shape, leaving a baggy look to your otherwise well-toned body.

Slim fit formal cotton shirt is the way to go for working professionals. In today's day and age when mobility steals the show, people tend to buy slim fit formal cotton shirts as their daily driver.

It doesn't add that extra baggy weight that regular-fit shirts have because it hugs around your body shape just perfectly. Buy slim fit cotton shirts online and get that smart and slim look you were waiting for.

Here at CottonKing, you can buy 100% pure cotton slim fit shirts at the right price and delivered right to your doorstep completely free of charge!

When it comes to design, Cotton King offers well blended colours that are pleasant and just adequate for slim fit shirts for office use.

CottonKing - Men's one stop online destination for all Clothing that’s Pure Cotton!!

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Showing 1 - 89 of 89 items